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Brian Latimer - Pro Staff Spotlight

Brian Latimer 2019 2020 Season MLF FLW

2019 was a big year for bass fishing, and an even bigger year for Favorite Fishing’s pro, Brian Latimer. Latimer has been fishing professionally for 16 years, competing in over 170 events. He has more hours on the water fishing tournaments than most anglers will have in a lifetime of recreational fishing. With so much experience under his belt, why was 2019 the year he came to be one of the top fishermen in the sport? We got on a call with Brian Latimer to ask him all about it. 

Latimer said that this year was different for him, experiencing something that he called the “snowball effect.” He went on to explain that this was a culmination of knowledge which he had acquired over the years of fishing the professional circuits - taking small lessons and building on them over time. It was evident that something clicked for Latimer this season, and everyone in the bass fishing community saw it happen. 


Here Are The Top 3 Rods From Brian Latimer's 2019 Season:

-Phantom Rigged Casting 7'2" MH

-Sick Stick Spinning 7'1" MH 

-Defender 6'6" Casting MH


Instagram: @brian_latimer

We asked Brian what he believed were the most pivotal moments of the 2019 season. He already knew the answer before we finished the question - Lake Toho, Lake Seminole, Grand Lake, and Lake Champlain. The South Carolina angler told us that Florida and “way up north” (New York for those that live even farther north) has always given him trouble. At the event on Lake Toho, the pieces began to fall into place. Latimer used his knowledge from previous tournaments and put it together to find successful patterns. This gave him the confidence that paved the way for Lake Seminole, where Latimer took home the 1st place trophy. Brian said that the entire experience was a “pinch me” moment. We can only speculate how it would feel to win a professional tournament, one that changes your entire career, and urge you to watch Brian Latimer’s video on his victory. You will not be disappointed. 

Coming off of his first major tournament win, his next stop was at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. He was able to continue his winning formula and finished in 8th place. Throughout the season Brian continued to impress, and in one of the final stops on the FLW Tour, on Lake Champlain, Latimer was tested again. As he said, New York State has always been a challenge for him, but in the tournament, Latimer was able to beat out over 130 other anglers for another very respectable finish.


Instagram: @brian_latimer, Pan Am Bass Fishing Tournament

With all of his success, he was selected to represent the USA in the Pan American Bass Fishing Tournament, with names such as Scott Martin, Roland Martin, Dustin Connell, Mark Daniels, and Jacob Wheeler for one last event in 2019. Latimer and Mark Daniels caught the largest bag of bass and beat out the top anglers from around the world to take home the gold medal. He mentioned how proud he was to wear the Red, White, and Blue for the USA. Anyone who watches professional bass fishing can see the potential it has to land a spot in the Olympics games. Latimer said to be a part of the driving force, one that is laying the foundation for the future, is something to be proud of. 




Brian Latimer ended the 2019 FLW Tour with 1137 angler of the year points, finishing 8th place overall- making it his best season to date. The future looks bright for the Favorite Fishing pro angler, and there is much more to come. Keep your eye on B. Lat in 2020!



Instagram: @Brian_Latimer

YouTube: Brian Latimer

Facebook: Brian Latimer

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